« We wanted to create a place to share without restraint everything that revolves around our pets. »

Henrique Vera-Villanueva

Co-founder, Petsqui




Responsive web application


Front-End development

Back-End development

Project management

« Our mission is to organize, connect and celebrate positive relationships between animals and humans. »

Building an interconnected world with our pets -- Henrique and his team imagined it, and our developers created it! This is the vision of Petsqui... An incredible project brought to reality, through a social network platform. Throughout the project, we successfully collaborated with Baboon, a Montreal graphic design studio, to coordinate all the imagery and design.

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Technical challenges

One of the main challenges was the development of an interactive tree, called "Pet Tree". It represents, in the form of a large circular network, the multiple social links between humans and animals. Despite the complexity of this feature and the fact that there’s nothing that we can not do 8-), we have found the right solution to meet the various needs of the customer.

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Back-End Development

Developing a complete social network is not an easy task. After a thorough needs analysis, we chose Python for the development of the API and PostgreSQL for database management. Despite tight delivery times, these two technologies allowed us to very quickly deliver a simple architecture.

« When the Petsqui team approached us with their project, thought they were a little crazy... After explaining their vision and what they wanted to implement, we were already working on it! Today the site is live! :) »



Back-End Developer

Front-End Development

There were many challenges on the Front-End, especially when being compared to industry giants such as Facebook. Adding to this rather high expectations; it took us a bit of magic, and a lot of coffee, to create from A to Z the uniform and intuitive experience end-users now enjoy.

« The Petsqui project was a large-scale technical challenge and with the help of the newly implemented AngularJS components, we have built a solid structure that easily allows for addition features. Truly a pleasure to develop! »



Front-End Developer

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