« Over 30 percent of Alzheimer’s disease cases are attributable to modifiable risk factors. »

Connie Ann Ramos

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UX/UI Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Project Management

« Reducing the impact of Alzheimer’s disease »

The Luci application combines science and technology to lessen the societal impact of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia by promoting healthy living. More specifically, Luci is an intervention method based on proven behavioural change theories. Through video meetings and chat messages, users are guided by their Luci advisor in adopting healthy habits. The three areas, or protective factors, addressed in the program are good nutrition, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation. In addition to discussing with their advisor, users can view their risk profile on a personalized dashboard and access an extensive library of educational and practical content. Caravan is proud to contribute to the fight against dementia by actively participating in this societal project.

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A strong and engaging brand

Luci seeks to demystify dementia, raise public awareness of the so-called modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, and encourage people to take action.

Target users are adults aged 45 to 70 with no evidence of cognitive decline, but who have one or more risk factors (e.g., lower than recommended levels of physical activity). To translate these goals into a strong and engaging brand, Luci collaborated with creative company TUX. The guiding theme was sparking new habits, referencing the power of a healthy lifestyle in preventing cognitive decline. Reflecting values such as empathy, perseverance, and optimism, Luci’s brand image follows the user across various platforms—app, website, and social networks—just as the Luci advisor follows the user throughout their journey.

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« Users feel supported — by the advisor, but also the interface itself. »

Maxime Lévesque

Maxime Lévesque

Product manager at Lucilab

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Front-end Development

Designing the Luci app’s interface was a big challenge. Our goal was to make it user-friendly for the research team and participants, but also for the advisors who work with the participants. The app is full of advanced features: instant messaging, audio and video meetings, questionnaires, information banks, follow-ups, action plans, and more. We created all this within a year!

« The Lucilab team is never short of fresh ideas, and we can’t wait to develop new features. »

David Lejeune

David Lejeune

Front-end Developer

Back-end Development

We had two main back-end challenges. First, our requirements changed continuously throughout development, making it difficult to stay within our tight deadlines. Second, we had to integrate multiple external APIs. We decided to prioritize the modularity of the code to facilitate future changes. We also had to internalize some of the external services because they no longer met the needs of the app. Being adaptable was crucial to the success of this project!

« The Luci project has evolved from a rudimentary proof of concept to a complex app in a very short time, and there are still many features to come. »

Gaël Kijko

Gaël Kijko

Back-end Developer

Agile project management

The project was carried out using the scrum method, an agile framework valued for its flexibility. Scrum uses short development cycles, called sprints. Each sprint consists of a series of tasks that contribute to the delivery of a final product. This method helps the development team to react quickly when the client requests a change or something unexpected happens. Scrum also fosters collaboration and frequent communication with the client, and allows them to be actively involved in the development process.

« Lucilab needed a lot done under tight deadlines, using an agile approach, and Caravan delivered. »

Maxime Lévesque

Maxime Lévesque

Product manager at Lucilab

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