« I've been working with Caravan for over 3 years and I'm still happy with them! They're flexible and they have a broad range of skills (UI/UX, Front-end, Back-end) and are part of my team and they participate in every step of my software development. "

Jean-François Lévesque

Founder and CEO, Obkio





Hybrid Application

Responsive website


Visual identity

UX/UI Design


Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Network and application performance monitoring made easy.

Small business driven by great ambitions, Obkio came to Caravan Coop to assist in the design of their hybrid application and website. Their objective: to provide the best possible experience by providing the world of IT with accessible and intelligent tools for network and application performance monitoring.

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Close collaboration for an optimal result

Simplifying a complex subject is never easy. A close collaboration with the Obkio team (so close that they have moved into our coworking space) has allowed us to deliver a high-performance solution that fully meets the different needs of their target clientele.

A multiplatform experience

The application was developed primarily for mobile platform which would allow a simplified experience on all other platforms (tablet and computer).

Obkio desktop interface Obkio desktop interface 2

« Interesting challenges, strong teamwork and an ambitious vision for an effective and user-friendly solution, what more could you ask for? ...And we are just at the start of building a product with huge potential! »



UX/UI Designer

Technical challenges

Starting a project is the opportunity to do things right from the start! One of the main challenges was to quickly deliver a functional API that would easily integrate new features and would still have a high performance for large scale activities.

Efficient and consistent communication with the customer, as well as agile project management, made it possible to quickly launch a first version of the product in the market.

It is safe to say that we can truly achieve impressive results when we exploit the integrated technologies to their full potential!

« Over time, with Obkio, we have built a relationship of trust that is felt every day and has a positive impact on the projects velocity. It's very satisfying to see the project evolve so quickly! »



Back-End Developer

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