MagicBeans is a simple, secure and fun mobile money transfer application. Transferring money with your loved ones will never be so easymagical!





Mobile application

Responsive website


Visual identity

UX/UI Design


Project Management

Intuitive and fun bank transfers

Caravan Coop has been commissioned by MagicBeans, an Irish start-up, to design the entire design of its future mobile application, its website, and to create the designs principles that will dictate the overall look/feel. To do this, we aimed to create a reassuring user experience, intuitive and fun, all enhanced by a visually "magical" world!

Identifying the design principles

For a distinct, bold and humorous visual identity, we worked diligently on the branding and new logo - providing a friendly, bean-shaped mascot. The mascot will accompany the user throughout the discovery of the application, and at each major stage of its use.

Magicbeans uikit Magicbeans story kit

« Working on the user experience and the many interfaces has been a huge treat, I will never forget this visual identity, the real cherry on the sundae! »



UX/UI Designer

A smooth and reassuring experience

A smooth and reassuring experience for the user was paramount. Making a bank transfer is not always the most exciting task, especially when our precious dollars fly to new horizons. Many prototypes and the creation of the mascot "Bean" allowed us to successfully meet this great challenge. Being able to cheer up even if your wallet is on a diet, that's our magic!

Magicbeans wireframes

Getting to the point

Another essential aspect: presenting graphical interfaces that would go to the basics and allow users to navigate through the application in a jiffy.

Magicbeans user flow Magicbeans website desktop

« It was a pleasure to work on this mandate, we really enjoyed creating the entire design ecosystem surrounding the application and it shows in the results, it’s a memorable project! »



UX/UI Designer

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